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Build corporate communities for staff retention and upgrade.
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Build client communities to increase brand loyalty and LTV.
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Develop a strategy for your community, train your employees.
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Get our workshops, webinars, and lectures on all aspects of working with communities.
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We dive into the current community management processes, assess costs and check KPIs, and offer solutions for optimization and efficiency improvement.
We analyze important points and metrics together with you, and build a community development plan for the year ahead. You get a development strategy, and a step-by-step plan for working with the community.
We give public and private corporate educational lectures, master classes, workshops for employees of HR, PR, marketing departments, top managers and owners of the company.
Strategy development
We help you to involve your team in working with your community, form a common vision, goals and values of the community, and find answers to complex questions about community development through strategic and facilitation sessions.
Experienced community managers provide weekly tracking of your community team, help you build a community development plan, and support your ambitious goals.
We help you find a community manager in the state and, if necessary, teach him the necessary skills.
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Compot Team
Anna Gaan
Managing Partner
Community Bureau Compot
Darya Stal
Project Manager
Community Bureau Compot
15 years of practical experience, Anna created and developed more than 100 corporate communities, volunteer movements, implemented corporate citizenship and CSR programs, managed Detsky Mir project, Arithmetic of Goodness project, and was a top Manager at the Cloudwatcher Social Innovation Laboratory (Svyaznoy group), Rybakov Foundation, Social Chamber, and Legacy Endowment Foundation . Anna founded the UGC community "One of my days" at Livejournal (got 2 Runet awards and in 2011-2015 took № 1 place in the community rating) and the professional community of community managers Compot.
Program Director and Operations Manager. Co-author of the program and workbook of the workshop of the Compot community bureau based on Community Canvas methodology.
Evgeniy Reznitsky
Head of Product Development Community Bureau Compot
Expert in managing and developing communities, setting up business processes in small and medium-sized businesses. Developer of community practices. Over 15 years of experience in the market of marketing and working with communities
How we "cooked" Compot 2019. Part 2: fundamental-working with the tracker.
Our story about the PR of the conference, about difficulties and unexpected partnerships.
Community Manager in gamedev: what communities are there and where to start
What is the difference between gaming communities and others, how to build relationships in the community, why you need rules and how to introduce them, so as not to fall before the army of haters.
"Compot 2019: why the business community»
Report on the last conference in the RBK magazine-an overview of some of the reports and topics covered by the speakers of the event.
Valeria Baraeva
Co-Founder «Rozetka»
Toffler wrote back in the 70s that in an age of consumerism and unlimited choice of everything, communities will save us. We will choose communities, and with them immediately a set of products that are valuable to them.

We need support, recognition, lifestyle, and values. Compot "Environment" has collected projects that you already love in absentia, even without ever participating in them.

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Peter Kondaurov
CEO & Founder of Management
reporting by Google Sheets

It is high time for community management in Russia to get its own community and meet and exchange experience.

The format of the event, participants and communication was very similar to ProductCamp: educated, young intelligent people, open communication, lack of toxicity and rivalry, digitalization of the brain:) the Similarity is probably due to the fact that products and CMS are spinning in the same spaces.

I was at two conferences: Digital and Money. There were interesting reports on how to create communities, how to educate them, and how to use their power. Thanks again to everyone involved. It was interesting and cool. I hope that the confa will become regular and will develop!

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Mansur Akhmetshin
ex-Sales в H&M
We went to the Compot conference to hear about community management.

While listening to the speakers and organizers, I realized that many are already engaged in this direction (or try/learn), although they do not call it that.

On the one hand, it is good that everyone is engaged without separating it into a separate direction, on the other-you can not develop in something if you do not talk about it and do not highlight the specifics. Thank you for strong speakers!!

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Team Playkot
A group of our community managers here drove to the Compot: Digital 8 Convention)

We were happy to listen to our colleagues from the gaming industry, IT and the media.

We discussed communities, working with feedback, Analytics, metrics, loot boxes, reach, engagement, bans, crises, content that our players generate, and how seemingly good ideas can kill a project.

Compot, thank you for the Convention! It was cool. See you at the next meetups!

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